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You Know Youíre Old WhenÖ

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to harp on things. As a matter of fact, I barely bring things up. I donít even mention them. Iím better than that. Besides, the assortment of medications my team of shrinks provides me definitely helps with quieting my authentic self and allowing the truly […]

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Damn, Damn, Damn Near 40

Tomorrow Iíll officially be 32, which one of my aunts so lovingly describes as ďbeing damn near 40.??? Well, yes, I may have graduated from high school the same year that Betty White did, but I bet nobody would look her in the eye and tell her that sheís damn near 40. I donít know […]

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30’s The New 80

As I embark on my last few weeks of being in my 20s, Iím beginning to ponder how well Iíll transition into my new status as a senior citizen. Of course, Iím looking forward to the discounted coffees and being offered a seat on a crowded bus because Iíll be elderly, but what about all […]

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