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Chicken Wings On Me!!!

Written By: Humor Mike - May• 17•09

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So, I was tallking to one of my friends yesterday about how excited I was about this blog, and he said, “No one is going to just look for your blog.” What a buzz kill. Of course, I handled it professionally, kept the yelling down to a minimum, and told him he was just jealous that he didn’t have a blog with two readers. After I got over the slight through emergency therapy with my shrink, I realized that maybe he was on to something. Apparently, a blog is not truly a blog if no one reads it. It’s like that tree that falls on a raccoon and no one hears it, or a person who says they’re smart, but has no one willing to verify it.

That being noted, I began to wonder what would make someone want to read what I have to say. I mean, there are millions of blogs and people give their views on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace all the time. Why is my little-blog-that-could so important? Honestly, on day three of blog entries, I don’t have an answer for that. However, I think that through time, the answer will present itself to all of us. And really, do we need an incentive to spend time together? Should I offer a free crispy or original wing from KFC for every three lines you read? I heard Oprah did something like that and she almost put them out of business in addition to causing the great chicken shortage of 2009. Look around. Do you see any chickens? Well, thank Oprah for that.

I expect this to be a slow but steady process. As the saying goes, Target was not built in a day. However, I think it will be worth it. If I can bring a smile to your face while also reaching my goals as a writer, then it seems to be a win/win.

Michael Rochelle

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