Welcome To Michael's Lounge
As a published writer, I've established this website to showcase my creative work
in the form of articles, poetry, stories, scripts, and whatever else inspires me and
gives me reason to pick up the pen...or laptop.

For me, writing is not just a hobby.  If I could, I would write all day, every day.  
Unfortunately, I have to eat, sleep, and use the restroom every now and then, so
complete devotion isn't possible.  However, when I'm not preoccupied with those
things, you could probably find me jotting down notes for my blog, or pounding
away at my novel tentatively titled,
The Threesome.  
So, who am I?

A good place to start would be my name, right?  I'm Michael Rochelle, and I reside
in the Washington, DC area.  In January 2010, I graduated magma cum laud with a
Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English from the University of Baltimore.  Always a
glutton for punishment, I recently began working on a Master of Business
Administration (MBA) degree.  Why?  Well, I think it's important to be well-rounded,
and I love taking on new challenges--either that or I'm just plain crazy.  

As a former staff writer for Clik Magazine and a contributing writer for various
websites and local newspapers, in the future I'd like to continue taking on creative
opportunities to write, edit, etc.
That noted, feel free to take a look around.  Kick off your shoes and get to know a
little more about me through my writing.  Feedback is very important to me.  If you
like what you read, hate what you read, fall asleep when you read, I want to know.  
Feel free to let me know what you think by utilizing the contact page.  I WILL
RESPOND TO EVERYONE ASAP.  In the words of the infamous radio and
television personality Wendy Williams, you all are "friends in my head," and I truly
appreciate your taking the time to check out my site.  
Humor column, "Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and Magic Mike Birthday Wishes"  
can be
found via my humor blog at http://www.justmichael.net/blog