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Of iPhones And Men

If you know anything about me, you know that I make a major life decision every September. Because Iím allegedly a responsible adult, I never take this decision lightly out of respect for the millions who have had to make this choice before me. You probably guessed it. Itís the decision of whether to get […]

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Dates!

Itís weird how we are in the first weeks of September, yet it feels like the end of something. Well, I guess it is the end of summer. Soon it will be the end of my day trips to the beach and the weather has already started to change. Kids are back in school, which […]

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Life Decisions and Lunch Meat

So, the other day I found myself standing in front of my refrigerator making life decisions. Iíd spent the day before at a winery, and although I had managed to drink all the wineólike, I had some leftover snacks that looked a little sickly. Because I had been out in the sun for a few […]

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Beach Bodies and Pant Suits

So, just like last year, Iíve been patiently waiting by the front door for the UPS guy to arrive with the 2018 beach body I ordered off Amazon. Of course, itís late. Even with Primeís 2-day shipping, it still has not been delivered. Whenever I try to track the package, the results read, ďDonít hold […]

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Iím a Professional . . . and I Mean It!!!

Iím not sure if you know this or not, but, allegedly, Iím a professional. Clearly, not as much of a professional as Martha Stewart, Steve Jobs, or Snooki even, but one can certainly dream. And you may not be able to tell my level of professionalism by the sporadic frequency of my blog posts, but […]

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Adulting Sucks!!!

A wise person on Pinterest once wrote, ďAdulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.??? Because thatís just my luck, I can barely go three minutes without looking up into the sky to see what obstacles South West or United may be hurling my way. […]

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In Need of CPR and Bail Money

So, we are finally starting to experience some of the warmer weather that comes along with spring. Although I didnít do as many push-ups as I had intended during the winter months, as soon as the temperature reached 70 degrees, I was the first person to rip off my shirt and my Spanx. Perhaps I […]

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In Defense of Bacon and Eggs

People often ask why I donít post more frequently. Well, if I can be honest, most of the time it’s because Iím folded up into a ball, clutching myself, hiding underneath my bed, trying not to pass out from the smell of old sneakers and snow boots that have been under there since at least […]

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Lies, Deceit, and Treadmills

Iím not sure what youíve heard about me on TMZ lately, but I would like to officially declare that I do not think everything is all about me. Contrary to what was reported on Entertainment Tonight, I do not take every situation and make it about myself. It is very unfortunate that my simple question […]

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When Mama Comes To Town

There are some moments in life when you suddenly realize youíre in absolute crisis mode. It just happens. That moment when youíre bumbling along the road of life in a Pinto and you blow a tire and your car slides into a ditch and then rolls off a cliff and lands on a deer. Maybe […]

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